Our Product

Integrated Management & Operations System (iMOS) is a web-based application system  to manage and monitor daily operation activities such Leave & Claims Management, Memo, Attendance Monitoring, Staff Profiling, Document Management and other activities. iMOS consists of the modules which are generic to simplify the monitoring process through real time monitoring and it is accessible anytime, anywhere. It is a medium for two way communication between Manager or Supervisor and Subordinate to Inform, Justify, Request, Approve and Notify.

The flexibility of iMOS suits various sectors either government, private and GLC where it is customizable to fit your organization’s requirement. Besides, you can have all in one (core modules) or pluck & chose your favorite modules.The main role of iMOS is, it may assist in decision making process for instance, staff performance evaluation, staff utilization, staff growth and project expenses utilization.The special feature of iMOS , it promotes a self-service action and replace the hassle of traditional and manual practice. Process will be faster and efficient. Moreover, the user friendly of iMOS ensure that all staff from various level of I.T literacy to be capable of using it.

The Core modules of iMOS are:

•Staff Profile







Additional Modules of iMOS are:







•And many more …